Every company has a philosophy that defines its values and aims. Here at BIS Business Insurance we believe it is very imbisportant that we understand our client’s industry and their company philosophy.

We often visit our clients at their place of business for their convenience but also to get a feel for their company and what its aims are.

We always gain an in depth understanding of how all our clients’ business works. This enables us to give them comprehensive cover that reflects the specific needs of their business.

We have our own philosophy too. We believe in a personal and local service that puts the needs of our clients first. Our motto is that ‘we are small enough to care but big enough to matter.’ This means we think it is essential that our insurance specialists can provide knowledge relevant to your local area and that there is always someone available to assess your company’s requirements. We believe in providing a personal service where you can speak directly to a qualified insurance advisor who can give you detailed advice that is relevant not only to your industry but your individual business.

BIS is also an appointed representative of TEn Insurance Services Ltd. This is a wholesale broking network and they provide BIS with access to over 200 insurance company’s products so you know that we are not just a small, local commercial insurer because we have the facilities to provide the best service. We are most defiantly big enough and with the resources to develop the best policy for your business.

Every company is unique and that is why we take the time to regularly review your insurance policy to make sure that it still matches your business’ needs as the company grows and evolves. When we take our assessments this will always be in a way that is most convenient to our client. If you need us to visit the company on site that is no problem. Whether you prefer working face to face, via telephone or email we always adapt our methods to what suits you.

We believe in providing sophisticated, comprehensive cover from our team of highly skilled professional insurance advisers while still delivering a good old fashioned and personal service that our clients trust.
To find out more about the BIS company philosophy read about ‘Our Commitment’.

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