Woolston Car Centre - Gary Duncalf 2BIS Business Insurance North Wales, Manchester and Liverpool have been hard at work lately with so many new enquiries for policies, moving to our brand new office and of course promoting our new facilities for motor trade insurance.

If you have a motor trade based company you could be applicable for our new policy that includes protected no claims bonuses for your industry. BIS always strive to give our clients the best possible cover for their business and we understand that every industry requires something different when it comes to the best commercial insurance. That is why we are always looking at ways to make your policy the best it can be and we will review our client’s policies regularly to make sure it is always up to date and offering comprehensive cover as your business grows.

Recently BIS Business Insurance have been enjoying proof reading our new mugs. These mugs have been designed for the motor trade industry with the aim of promoting our new facility that will include the protected no claims bonus. Please see our designs below.



We hope you like our new mugs and you can contact us for more information directly on 01492 592 772.

When you contact BIS you will speak directly to a qualified, professional insurance advisor without having to be kept on hold or pressing lots of buttons to be patched through. Offering a personal and straight forward approach to business insurance is at the heart of our values and we like to keep things convenient for our clients.

Please remember that in the wake of all the floods affecting the UK many are wishing they had reviewed their business insurance policy earlier. Allianz Insurance recently quoted that the UK storms cost is set to exceed one billion pounds! Always make sure that your insurance policy is kept up to date so that you have the right protections for your business.

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Liverpool Office: 0151 203 1145
Lancashire Office: 01257 440 250
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