Keeping on top of your fleet risk management, and actively finding ways to keep your fleet more protected, is hugely beneficial for your insurance policy and lowering your premiums. 

One risk for a fleet is always going to be theft. Businesses with a motor fleet should always have controls and protocols in place to make sure that their vehicles aren’t stolen. 

In 2019/2020, vans made up the top 3 positions for the most stolen vehicles, and Logistics UK found that more than a third of businesses had been faced with van theft. The need for boosting your existing prevention efforts has never been more important. 

Nearly 90% of the stolen light commercial vehicles in the last couple of years were taken without the keys. Thieves remove the ignition and use a computer to extract the last used code within it. They can then program a new key to work in the vehicle, and they’re off!

Consider the following guidelines to keep your commercial vehicles secure and at a lower risk of theft:

Use an Ignition Shield

Through existing bolts in the dashboard, a strong metal piece can secure itself to your vehicle’s ignition. By adding this shield, it will be harder for thieves to remove the ignition and use it to create a new key. 


Implement Immobilisers 

There is a wide variety of different immobilisers you can choose for your fleet which will limit a thieves ability to take the vehicle. 

One option is a pedal box. This encases the brake, excelerator, and clutch pedals, meaning they cannot be used when the box is locked in its place. In addition to this, you could install digital immobilisers which require your drivers to input a code or sequence to unlock and control the steering wheel. 

These immobilisers mean that thieves still won’t be able to steal your vehicles even if they manage to gain access to the ignition. 


Add Extra Locks and Alarms

Implementing more advanced alarm systems and deadlocks to the doors will deter thieves from even attempting to steal the vehicle. Once they see these, or sound the alarm, a lot will flee the scene. 


Fleet Tracking Devices

By installing tracking devices to your vehicles, you will be increasing the likelihood of recovering them if they are stolen. Using these devices, you’ll be able to locate the whereabouts, therefore lowering replacement vehicle costs. 


More than anything else, you need to make sure you have appropriate cover for your fleet. At BIS, we are the experts in fleet insurance and can provide you with the right fleet cover to suit your business needs. Get in touch with our team today to find out more. 


Fleet Risks: Protecting Your Fleet From Theft
Article Name
Fleet Risks: Protecting Your Fleet From Theft
Consider the following guidelines to keep your commercial vehicles secure and at a lower risk of theft.
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