Managing a whole commercial motor fleet can be very exhausting work. Whether it’s just 5 cars or 500 lorries, gathering them all together and managing the risk can feel like a never-ending and futile exercise. When you are addressing one risk, you might have another five arise which all need attention immediately. 

The alternative to this is, instead of addressing different risks as they appear, invest in motor fleet insurance which comes with free risk management. This will enable you to avoid problems before they appear. 


What is risk management for commercial motor fleets?

Risk management is a precautionary strategy which analyses potential risks and implements processes which can reduce or eliminate them completely. Risk management can lower your premiums, protect your employees, reduce any business disruption and much more.

The process will differ slightly according to your needs – but the five basic steps for analysing your risks should be:

  • Identifying the hazards
  • Figure out who could be harmed and how it might happen
  • Evaluate the risks and choose the precautions
  • Document your findings and implement an action plan
  • Observe and review the plan


How are commercial motor fleet policies priced?

If you purchase a commercial motor fleet insurance policy, your premiums will be very dependant on your past claims. An unfavourable claims history, however, does not mean you will not find an affordable motor fleet insurance policy. A good risk management system will translate to greatly improved terms. 

Standard claims and accident analysis should include:

  • Accident circumstances inc. date, time and location
  • Vehicles involved
  • Drivers involved
  • The claim types
  • An analysis of cost


How do I control my commercial motor fleets risk?

Conduct an internal analysis or utilise an external fleet survey to streamline processes and promote a positive structure for health and safety. Typical management control can include the following:

  • Considering the maximum driving hours for employees; consider breaks and certain times of day when driving should be done. 
  • Interview your drivers to review working conditions and what needs to change.
  • Research more efficient ays to allocate jobs and chart routes. 
  • Make sure your mobile policy complies with the law and focus’ on safety. 
  • Establish rules for using safety belts, fire extinguishers and first-aid kits.
  • Create a policy which prohibits leaving valuables in view and makes sure drivers park in safe spaces. 
  • Encourage drivers to drive more carefully where you can. 


Reining in the risks of your commercial fleet can sometimes feel like a mammoth task – no matter what you do – things fall through the cracks. If you need support, you can trust our team of professionals at BIS to create the best risk strategy and find the perfect and affordable insurance for you. Call us on 01492 555444 to get started.



Risk Management for Motor Fleet Insurance
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Risk Management for Motor Fleet Insurance
Invest in motor fleet insurance which comes with free risk management. This will enable you to avoid problems before they appear. 
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