Vehicle fleet insurance is an all-in-one policy that businesses can utilise to cover their whole fleet of electric vehicles (and include non-electric too)! It is a great solution to keep the insurance of your vehicles managed more efficiently, under one policy. This saves time and extra paperwork.


The Rise of Electric Vehicles

Over the last few years, there has been a huge focus on our climate and what we can do to help the environment – and businesses need to show their efforts with this for success. One of the easiest ways to reduce emissions for a business is to go green with its engines. Switching the conventional combustion engine for a low carbon electric one will dramatically reduce the impact on the environment. 

Low carbon electric vehicles are becoming more used by both consumers and the businesses themselves. This is especially true for those working within low emission zones in areas such as London, Glasgow, and Birmingham. 

Recently, we also saw a shortage of fuel. There has been lots of speculation over the cause of this, but one thing was obvious – those with electric vehicles came out on top. It wouldn’t be surprising to see many businesses make the shift to electric to rule out any potential downtime in the future. 


Simple Electric Vehicle Fleet Insurance

Attaining electric fleet insurance for all the vehicles in your business doesn’t need to be a stressful ordeal. Having such a policy will actually make insurance efforts a lot simpler as it combines all the paperwork and organisation under one policy instead of multiple. Having the one policy means the same renewal date for each vehicle – your fleet management will be just as efficient as the electric engines themselves!

To make the whole process even easier, you can add a combination of vehicle types to the one policy. Whether it be electric cars, standard HGVs or hybrid vans – they don’t need to be the same type. 

Another benefit to having a fleet policy is involved with the claims. Instead of a claim being made against a particular vehicle in question, it will just be registered against the policy. The risk will be spread across the entire fleet, which can be an advantage if the premiums go up following an accident. It may not rise as much as it would be against a certain vehicle. 


What will electric fleet insurance cover?

What your insurance covers will depend on which policy you pick – and you can get them tailored to suit your business and budget. Having the highest level of cover, comprehensive insurance, would be the most cost-effective choice.

You can set a policy up with ‘any driver’ or named drivers. You may be asked to name higher risk drivers as mandatory. 


To find out more information on getting fleet insurance for your electric vehicles, get in touch with our team at BIS Insurance. We can guide you through the process.

Fleet Insurance for Electric Vehicles
Article Name
Fleet Insurance for Electric Vehicles
Vehicle fleet insurance is an all-in-one policy that businesses can utilise to cover their whole fleet of electric vehicles (and include non-electric too)!

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