The two values that matter most to us here at BIS Business Insurance are providing a personal contact bis insurance specialistspoint for our clients and always explaining everything as clearly as possible.

Business Insurance is absolutely vital to all businesses big and small but understanding your policy can be confusing at times. Does your commercial insurance broker explain what the term ‘under insurance’ means? You will come across plenty of industry terms in your policy but if you as a business owner do not know what they mean how can you understand the impact these legal terms could have on a business insurance claim?

At BIS Business Insurance we always cut through the legal jargon and clearly explain what each aspect of your policy means and how they will affect your business claim. It is important to understand your responsibilities and how your policy keeps you covered and precisely what scenarios you are covered for.

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing your business is covered and you can always talk to a real person at BIS to explain what key terms in your policy mean. Clarity with our clients is highly important to us because we know this helps put your mind at ease when it comes to insurance for your business.

A face to face personal service is what allows us to deliver the best business insurance at the best rates and always provide clarity for our clients. Knowing that we are here for a real in person meeting to explain all the details makes a big difference to our clients when it comes to protecting their businesses.

We review all our clients insurance needs every year. This is to help save our client’s time, effort, money and help them get the most out of their policy.

We can provide advice form Insurance Institute qualified advisers and always keep you in the loop in regards to your policy.

Call any one of our offices in North Wales, Manchester or Liverpool for the best advice on business insurance.

Llandudno Office: 01492 555 444
Bangor Office: 01248 665 300
Manchester Office: 0161 870 1183
Liverpool Office: 0151 203 1145
Lancashire Office: 01257 440 250
e: admin@bisinsurance.co.uk